A curatorial agency for custom projects by world artists and Italian artisans.
GoldenRuler offers curatorial and production services to private individuals, galleries, museums, or corporate clients.

Artists are engaged to realize bespoke projects for domestic, urban, or institutional environments. These projects are realized utilizing the highest standards in concept, craftsmanship and delivery.

The company excels in staging, editorial, ideation, and relation to form, overseeing both the commission and its reception. Our primarily Italian craftspeople wield ancient – and increasingly endangered — techniques. Process is explained, and patrons – our modern-day Medici – are provided with uniqueness, quality and timeless value.




GoldenRuler offers curatorial advice and progressive models of production. We work based on commissions rather than manufacturing prior to a cause.

GoldenRuler proposes concepts and pieces tailor-made. This includes commissions for the home or outdoors, editorial, identity, and event projects.

Rachel Barraclough, London
Arianna Callegaro, Venice
Marella Caracciolo Chia, Rome and London
Pieranna Cavalchini, Boston, Turin, and Rome
Nina zu Fürstenberg, Rome and St. Moritz
Paola Potena, Milan
Katrin Wosnitzka, Rome and Tropea
and others

Susannah Bosanquet, Milan
Tommaso Speretta, Venice

Campo de’ Fiori, 19 00186 Rome - Italy | office@goldenruler.eu | VAT 12429981009